Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your bags made of? The daily bags are made of 100% cotton on the outside and made of water resistant nylon on the inside. The shower bag is made of 100% polyester. The straps are made of nylon.

2. Are your bags latex free? Yes.

3. Are your bags machine washable? Yes. You only have the drains most likely for a couple of weeks so it should not be necessary to wash the bags because the inside liner is water resistant and leaks can be wiped up easily. But, you can if you need to.

4. Can I use the bags for multiple surgeries? Yes, with breast cancer surgeries in particular, there are several surgeries involved with drains. You can definitely reuse the bags if your reconstruction process involves multiple surgeries with drains.

5. Can I use the bags for other purposes after surgery? Yes, the bags can be useful after surgery such as a hiking or running pack, pack around waist while gardening, and the shower bag can be used in shower as a caddy for toiletries.

6. Can I use the bags in the hospital after my surgery? Yes, absolutely! This is what we suggest. These bags are useful in the hospital not only for you but also to the nurse taking care of you. Also, you already have a way to manage the drains upon being discharged from the hospital instead of pinning them to your clothes.

7. When is it best to buy the bags? We suggest you purchase the bags one week before surgery to ensure you get them in time to have them for your hospital stay and upon discharge from the hospital.

8. Can I purchase the bags for someone else? Yes, absolutely. We have had several orders in which the bags were purchased for a friend or family member. If you are purchasing for someone else, we would like to know this because we like to send a personalized note to the patient. You can have the bags shipped to you to give to the person or shipped to the person for whom you are purchasing directly.

9. How do I become a sponsor? You can sponsor our bags for patients as an individual or as a business. For those who would like to sponsor bulk orders, we have discounts available. For more details, please see our sponsorship section.

10. Are there instructions available for how to use the bags? Yes, you can view our product instructions online. We also email our product instructions upon purchase.

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