Marvin Baker, owner of i-Inspire LLC.

Meet Marvin Baker - Owner

My name is Marvin Baker and I developed this product to help manage post-surgical drains when my ex-wife went through breast cancer and endured several breast cancer related surgeries involving JP drains. We both realized there was nothing offered or even on the market to appropriately manage not only the JP drain bulbs, but specifically the drain tubes themselves and to keep them secure.

Spurred by the experiences Jennifer endured with these annoying and cumbersome drains, I developed a line of products to help other women out there that are also struggling through these surgeries. It is my wish that survivors will be able to use my products to not only heal physically, but emotionally.

I believe my products will allow you to better manage your drains after surgery, and with a touch of style! During a difficult time, I sincerely hope my i-Inspire drain bags will help make your recovery process just a little bit easier.

iInspireLLC helps to hide unsightly surgical drains


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