Meet Jennifer Baker - Breast Cancer Survivor

My name is Jennifer Baker, owner of i-Inspire, LLC, and a breast cancer survivor since July of 2012. After my latissimus flap surgery, I became frustrated because I had nothing to manage the drains I had to wear after my surgery. There was no standard medical garment, only a hodge-podge of safety pins and surgical tape. With all of the tubes and drains hanging off of me, going out in public made me feel like an alien in my own skin. Even in my home, the tubes kept getting caught on things and it hurt! I knew there had to be a better way of managing my drains.

My husband found me a fanny pack which helped hold and conceal the drains, but did nothing to hold the tubes in place. This meant the tubes could get hopelessly tangled. So, he custom designed a clip and a slit on the sides of the bag to solve this issue! Not only does this design help prevent the tubes from getting tangled and caught on things, it helps reduce the risk of infection as well because it helps keep the tubes from coming into contact with harmful bacteria. That was the beginning of what would become i-Inspire.

Cancer is scary and depressing, and takes away so much. It takes away your health. Necessary surgeries may take away the parts of you that make you feel like a woman. It can make you feel less than human. Our company was designed to help you get some of what was taken from you back. Our i-Inspire® post-mastectomy and surgical drain management solutions are designed to be functional, stylish, and help reduce the risk of infection and tube entanglement. Most of all, though, we are confident that our drain bags will make your recovery a little bit easier and reduce some of your frustration.

iInspireLLC helps to hide unsightly surgical drains


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