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"These were INCREDIBLY handy post surgery, for taking baths, going out and not having to wear the corset with drain bags that the hospital provided. I am so grateful that I had these for my recovery process. Thank you so much!!"

Amy - Hastings, MN

"This product has been a huge help especially keeping track of 4 drains. Quality construction, very pretty, and shipped very quickly."

Catheryn - Bonner Springs, KS

"I am sooooo grateful that I received the recovery bag. I took it to the coordinating surgery nurse and plastic surgery nurse at Kaiser - showed them the bag and told them the heartwarming story of you finding me. Kaiser provides 2 camisole drain holders that didn't help me at all - I had 5 drains (they have pockets for 2), and they were too hot for summer....etc. The nurses in both departments were so excited about your bag when I wore it in - they took pics of it on me to show patients. I copied your note and business card for them to keep the next time I had an appointment. I am donating my donated bag to the coordinating nurse (she is the one that let's the patient know about where to pick up the camis and such) this Friday. She is going to show everyone. I want to help to get this out to women - it changed my experience with the drains 100%.""

Sherri - Los Angeles, CA

"The bags worked out great again. The expanders are in and I've had three fills so far. You made my experience so much better with your special bags. Whenever I can, I tell people about you and your products. Thanks so much!"

Debra - Crestwood, KY

"Of all the items we ordered for my wife's surgery, she got the most usage out of this item. Super helpful!"

Nate - Stratham, NH

"A must for holding drains comfortably and being mobile."

Tami - Fanwood, NJ

"Not only is this a greatly designed product, but the handwritten note brought tears to mine and my mother’s eyes. Thank you so much for bringing this product to the market!"

Amanda - Otis Orchards, Washington

"Life saver!!! These are beautiful and well made bags that are simply a life saver. I bought them for my mastectomy revision and I wish I had them for the 1st time around!! It fit me great and was so discrete that even I sometimes forgot about my drain! And the seller is an angel! They checked in on me several times to make sure I was doing well and that I got the bags before my surgery. What a caring company. I am going to tell anyone who goes through this surgery to get these!!"

Heather - Shakopee, MN

"LOVED these bags! I just had my second surgery of my delayed reconstruction after a double mastectomy. It made having my drains so much more bearable...especially the shower bag. I didn’t have drains hanging out everywhere and the regular bag was super cute! I could go out in public and no one knew I had three drains in. I wish I had these the first time around! I highly recommend them! Thank you Jennifer!!!"

Jamie - Lexington, KY

"The bag is working perfectly. Two nurses have been very impressed with the bag. I'm showing everyone who will look at them. Even the surgeon thought they were ingenious. I plan to take the info to the American Cancer Society so someone else can benefit from this great product. Also, just had to tell you! Three nurses came to look at the bag because one of them was telling them about it. They took pics & said they are going to keep that in mind for their patients & we're going to share with oncology nurses. The bag has been a huge help & the doctor again yesterday said he really liked it. You have a great product! I hope women take advantage of it and realize how much it will help them during their recovery."

Mary Cass - Caldwell, TX

"Thanks so much for the pouch, the bra didn't work."

Brenda - Georgetown, KY

"Holy Smokes it's awesome, way better than anything! I wore it all day. When I don't wear your bag, my drains bulge out no matter what I am wearing. Your bag kept me smooth, the bag hidden under my shirt, comfy and less nervous I was gonna pull the drains out. Your bag made feel like people didn't know I had cancer and that is what I liked the most."

Britt Hall - Pikeville, KY

"These bags are great, they have made my life a lot easier. The clips are a great addition, they help keep the tubes from working their way out into view. So far they seem pretty sturdy and I haven't had any issues with leaking or any mishaps. Jennifer and Marvin have been great to work with. They modified my bags a bit to fit my needs better, these two are a blessing."

Jennifer Wood

"My personal opinion is that overall I really loved the drain bags. I used the pink cloth bag every day-slept with it too. It was simple, easy to use, and soft against my skin. I am very private and didn't want people to see my drains and with the bag they were completely covered. I always wear long camis, so I actually tucked the bag under my cami and wore a loose top so nobody even knew any different. It is beautifully made and functional. Like I mentioned earlier, I actually gave my bags to a patient to use for her bilateral mastectomy tomorrow. She was so happy to receive them!!"

Jennifer Hansen - Nurse Practitioner

"Oh my gosh! I can't describe the feeling when I put the pouch on yesterday! I think the only person who would understand is another person who's had cancer & had to wear the drains. I'll try to tell you how they made me feel (so far)…I don't feel like a patient, hiding in my own home anymore. I actually feel like I could get up now, and rejoin life without having to worry so much about the drains. I slept better from just knowing that my drains were securely placed on my tummy & I wasn't going to roll over on them. That alone will help me feel better faster! I somehow feel anonymous again. I can walk around the grocery store (or anywhere) now without people staring at me. I'm so excited about not having to get cabin fever anymore. And Dave is excited that he'll have some help with shopping! Your invention is already making my life so much better after only wearing one of them for one day. I can only imagine how many lives you're going to change! Thank you SO much for sharing this with me!"

"The bags have made the biggest difference!! I can't brag about them enough!! Genius idea and such a big help! If ya ever need a customer comment.. I'm your girl! They are heaven sent! Easiest shower I've ever taken with drains! I can't thank you enough! What a difference it has truly made!"

Farrah Folsom - Lexington, KY

"The bags are amazing! I got to shower last night and it was awesome! I would not be anywhere near the comfort level I am without them. They make everything so much easier to maneuver. I am so pleased with them, you have created an awesome product! Please post my comments! I would recommend your bags to anyone having drains."

Ashley Isaacs - Lexington, KY

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